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After 15 years of serving the small business community in private practice, Andrew Beaupre returned to private accounting as a Manager of Finance & Accounting at a subsidiary of a publicly traded company and later as a controller various privately held companies. Until returning to private practice, Andrew served as Manager of the Small Business Department of PDM, LLP, one of the leading CPA firms in Los Angeles County.

With extensive client management experience spanning over 25 years, Andrew is steeped in experience in providing accounting services to a variety of industries, ranging from Restaurants to Automotive Repair and Medical Practices to Law Firms. He is adept at uncovering client needs and wants and matching them with services which enable them to more clearly understand their business performance.

Andrew enjoys working with clients to help them better understand their business. One of the most important aspects of the services offered is the client relationship. Many can provide financial statements and business tax returns. Few can provide the level of commitment and dedication to the client relationship that Andrew values most.

We look forward to offering you outstanding and highly responsive service to meet your business objectives. Call us today if you have any inquiries.

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